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The bristles

are too hard
If even the soft bristles are too hard for you, you should keep in mind that the bristles soften under warm water. The warmer the water is, the softer the bristles will be. This effect is stronger for natural bristles than for nylon bristles. They then resume their normal texture and strength once they cool down after you have brushed your teeth.

Can you boil the bristles or place them in the dish washer?

You can place the handle in the dish washer, it withstands the high temperature. Only the lettering on the handle will disappear. You can also place it in hot or boiling water briefly. However, simply rinsing it with water is usually enough. If you notice deposits on the head section of the handle when replacing the toothbrush head, you can remove them using water. The deposits are not harmful. They consist partially of toothpaste, which inhibits bacterial growth.

Why should you replace the toothbrush head every 8-12 weeks?

Mainly for hygiene reasons. There are interspaces between the bristles, and holes in which the bristles are fixed where residue can accumulate. Viewed microscopically, the natural bristle is like a tube that is open at the top. Here residue consisting of toothpaste, saliva, etc. can also accumulate – even if only in microscopic quantities. In addition, the bristle ends are rounded to make sure they do not injure your gums or teeth. This rounding gradually subsides as the bristles wear off. The yaweco refill pack has 4 replacement heads. This makes it easier for you to follow the advice and change the head every 8-12 weeks. This is convenient and inexpensive.

Are the toothbrushes vegan?

Unfortunately, no supplier of raw materials publicizes the composition of his materials with exact details. One can, however, assume that animal fats are also used as auxiliary and operational material in very small proportions, since they have different properties than vegetable fats. As mentioned, this is only in in certain cases and in small quantities. Only traces of these are detectable in the final product (see certificate on animal ingredients under “Quality”).

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