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Circum® interdental brushes

The interdental MORE factor

What sets Circum® interdental brushes apart from others?

Other interdental brushes either feature a straight or a conical design. Both types clean the interdental space at which they are placed. The Circum® interdental brush features a patented hourglass shape that has been proven to clean better and reach larger areas when cleaning. The outer, longer bristles fold open after entering the interdental space and thoroughly clean the back of the tooth as well.

Differences to other interdental brushes

Circum interdental brushes allow efficient all-round cleaning of each tooth, combined with a massage of the gums. The improved brush design makes it easier to insert it in smaller interdental spaces.

Its effectiveness has been verified in a randomised and controlled study – the gold standard among scientific studies. Leading dentists prefer these brushes, for example Prof. Dr. Adrian Lussi, winner of the 2018 German Prophylaxis Prize, Prof. Dr.Dr.N.P. Lang…

Circum interdental brushes are suitable for cleaning interdental spaces between natural and artificial teeth, implants, crowns, bridges and brackets.

How to use

  • Insert brush in the holder with minimal pressure (twist-and-plug system). To replace them, press them out with your thumbs.
  • Initially, pull your lip out of the way to see clearly in the mirror what you are doing.
  • Insert brush straight into the interdental space, above the papilla (gum triangle).
  • Against slight resistance, straighten the brush, moving it gently in and out. Never force it into the interdental space. Rinse the brush regularly, and if possible clean each interdental space twice.
  • It is best to clean the interdental spaces before cleaning your teeth. Do not use toothpaste or gel when cleaning your interdental spaces (not necessary, and impairs visibility).
  • At the end of the process, leave the cleaned brushes in their holder, place the holder or handle on the edge of a dish and leave them there to dry.

Environmental reasons that speak for Circum® interdental brushes

The brushes are replaceable and very small. While the part that has to be disposed of is made of plastic, it has been designed to be as small as possible. The handle can be reused.

The specific brushes can be purchased at a later date.

Apart from a small viewing panel, the packaging contains no plastic.

Made in Germany