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Dental floss

What sets yaweco dental floss apart?

The raw material of the dental floss is pure silk. What do you associate with silk? Softness. Luxury. Indeed, it is softer than conventional dental floss, which is normally made of nylon (PA). Silk is softer and not as smooth as a plastic string. As a result, silk provides a visibly more thorough cleaning performance than other products. yaweco dental floss is waxed with beeswax, which makes use easier. When flossing, wax residue may get stuck on the teeth and remain in the mouth. It is therefore reassuring to know that the wax is natural rather than synthetic. The container and the dispenser are stable, hygienic and well suited for travel.

How to use

By twisting the lid, the protruding end of the dental floss and the blade can be covered or opened. You can pull out any length of dental floss and use the blade to snip it off. Twist the ends around a finger of both hands and use the middle section to laterally move the floss through the teeth. Unwind another section after each tooth and keep going.

Dental floss refill pack

You can prevent plastic waste by refilling the dental floss container. Refilling it is fairly easy. The refill pack, which contains no plastic, includes two spare rolls.

Refilling: When the dental floss has run out, open the container by separating the upper and lower parts of the housing. The parts interlock but can be taken apart by applying a little pressure. Remove a new roll from the refill pack. The lower part of the container still contains the spool of the empty roll. Remove it because each new roll comes with its own spool. Insert the spool and guide the string as pictured on the refill pack: Through the groove to the left of the blade, place the end of the string around the blade and close the container by pressing its upper part onto the lower part. The two flattened sections of the upper and lower parts of the housing should be lined up to ensure that you can twist the container to either open or close the string opening and the blade. If the two parts are not lined up properly, you can open the container again, readjust and close it again.

Information on the composition of the product

Dental floss: Silk and beeswax

The container that holds the silk consists of PP with an additive that ensures that the material is fully decomposed within a few short years if it is surrounded by organic material (compost, landfill). However, it is resistant to the warm and humid conditions found in bathrooms.

Packaging: Beginning in the fall of 2019, the packaging will be made entirely of cardboard.