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Interchangeable brush head toothbrush I

What sets the yaweco interchangeable brush head toothbrush I apart?

The interchangeable brush head toothbrush I excels with its modern design and ergonomic handle. The brush configuration with high and low individual bristle groups makes it quick and easy to clean your teeth even in areas that are hard to reach. The bristles are optimally rounded using a sophisticated production process.

The best part of the toothbrush: the brush heads can be changed quickly and easily – all it takes is a push of the white button on the brush head and, just like that, the toothbrush can also be used as a tongue scraper. This allows the upper part of the handle to clean the tongue very well.


Information on the composition of the product

Use of alternative materials in the components that have to be disposed of frequently.

The brush head consists of biopolymers (more than 60%) on the basis of sugar components as well as mineral fillers, natural waxes and biodegradable additives.

The bristles (filaments) consist of the base material PA 10.10 and contain castor oil instead of crude oil. The natural bristles come from a special species of pig that has bristles ideal for this purpose.

Regarding the natural bristles, it should be noted that they come from a type of pig that lives in China and has bristles ideal for the use in brushes. The bristles are taken from pigs that have already died, which means that no animal is mistreated to obtain the bristles. The material for the bristles is cooked and thereby sterilised and made germ-free. They are packaged securely and airtight for the transport.

The hard part of the handle consists of polypropylene (PP) and the soft, slip-resistant part of a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Due to the technical requirements, a use of alternative materials is not possible. However, the handle can be reused and therefore is not a disposable mass product.

The packaging consists of cardboard, 90% of which is made of recycled materials as well as a film in the cap that consists of bio-PET (mono-ethylene-glycol made of sugar cane). In the future, the packaging will be switched to a version consisting entirely of cardboard.