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yaweco toothbrushes are manufactured entirely in Germany's Black Forest region


The workmanship of a toothbrush reveals its quality right away. Comprehensive tests in our production department guarantee a high standard of quality. The bristles are perfectly rounded.


The high quality of the toothbrush allows the handle to be re-used for a very long time.


Sustainability is very important to us. That is why we use ``bio-based`` raw materials.


The materials of all finished yaweco products have been tested.

Tongue scraper

When the brush head has been removed, the toothbrush can also be used as a tongue scraper.

Our products are manufactured using sustainable production methods. For the sake of the environment.

Ecologically sensible!

A plastic product in itself is not environmentally friendly. The interchangeable brush head system helps preserve resources by making sure that the largest part of the toothbrush keeps getting reused. This system is practical and sensible. In addition, bio-based materials are used in all yaweco products whenever technically feasible. All yaweco toothbrushes are manufactured in the Black Forest using solar energy and our own water cycle. Sustainability is extremely important to us. That goal is reflected in everything from the production of the finished goods right through to the packaging. Using yaweco’s dental care products not only benefits you, but also the environment.

Exciting dental hygiene tips

We recommend removing the brush head of the yaweco toothbrush after brushing your teeth and then using the handle edge to clean your tongue.

If even the soft bristles are too hard for you, you can further soften them by applying warm water. We thought about everything.

A child's teeth begin developing in the womb. One more reason for mothers to pay attention to a balanced nutrition that is rich in minerals.

A survey in Germany has shown that the vast majority of people (70%) said they brush their teeth twice a day. But what are we doing wrong?

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