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We always want to develop environmentally friendly products. Environmental compatibility has various aspects: the materials used, both in the packaging and the product itself, the origin of the products (production in Germany is preferred) and a high product quality, which also contributes to their durability.

Interchangeable brush head toothbrush I

Each craftsman knows the value of a good tool. It makes work easier and more fun and contributes to a positive result. The same is true for toothbrushes.

yaweco’s interchangeable brush head toothbrush I is comfortable to hold, boasts an ergonomic design and, in the thumb area, comes with grooves and is made from a non-slip material.

Interchangeable brush head toothbrush II

The yaweco interchangeable brush head toothbrush II impresses with its simple yet modern design.

Child’s toothbrush

The child’s toothbrush has a child-friendly, ergonomic handle and is suitable for children of 3 years and older.

Bamboo toothbrushes from Nordics

Try out the bamboo toothbrush from Nordics and you will find that its ergonomic shape fits well into your hand and discover how softly and well it cleans thanks to the sharpened bristles and the small brush head.

Circum® interdental brushes

What sets Circum® interdental brushes apart from others?

Dental floss

Dental floss made of silk and beeswax. This soft natural floss gently cleans between teeth efficiently.