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It is our goal to offer products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Not everything is as technologically feasible right away as we would like. It is also possible that a biological material is not available in a certain region. Because not everything can be done in a manner that is as environmentally friendly and perfect as we would like, we are looking for the best and most sensible solution, which means an ecologically sensible product. Consumers are supposed to get a good product at a fair price and enjoy it for as long as possible. We demand the same of the people and companies involved in producing and selling them. Fair trade and good working conditions are a prerequisite. Transparency and a service mindset contribute to achieving this goal.

We focus on producing the product in a manner that is as environmentally friendly as possibly. The only limits are technical feasibility or demands on hygiene. With regard to technical feasibility, it sometimes takes time and patience until the desired goal has been achieved. For example, right from the start, we wanted to use a bio-based plastic to manufacture the replacement head of the interchangeable brush head toothbrush. The brush head is disposed of when it is no longer usable, while the handle can be used over and over again. That is why, above all, the brush head was supposed to consist of alternative, more environmentally friendly materials. It took three years, and many trials and samples were needed until the right material for making the brush head was found. The brush head still had to fit in the opening of the handle and the snap-on function still had to work. The toothbrushes are manufactured right here in the Black Forest region. In addition to guaranteeing short supply routes, we can also be certain that environmental regulations will be observed here and that working conditions and pay are humane and fair. A comparison: Bamboo toothbrushes are completely biodegradable apart from the bristles. The wood grows in Asia and the production mainly takes place in China. In this case, long transport routes are unavoidable. However, the result is a nearly entirely compostable product. Ecologically sensible to us means evaluating the pros and cons and manufacturing the best possible product.

How much sense does it even make to pay attention to the materials used for a product as small as a toothbrush?

The numbers speak for themselves:

Let’s just look at the European market, where yaweco is primarily active, for which we can assume a total population of approx. 500 million. On average, toothbrushes are replaced twice a year. Most toothbrushes weigh between 17-19g. Some toothbrushes are electric. Regardless, a few hundred million toothbrushes are thrown away annually. The total amount of discarded toothbrushes is more than 10 tonnes.

Our goals can be summarised as follows:

  • Continuous improvement of our product range, the products themselves and their packaging with the objective of protecting the environment.
  • Fair trade with each business partner
  • Consumer orientation, high transparency and a service mindset.


toothbrushes sold annually in Europe



of waste per year in Europe from conventional toothbrushes



less waste when using a yaweco toothbrush

Yasmin Weber

Founder of yaweco

The founder

The owner, Yasmin Weber, sold toothbrushes for many years and was very familiar with their production when she had the idea to found yaweco. Convinced of the demand for ecologically sensible oral hygiene products, her goal was to offer a product line with interchangeable brush heads that would be tailored to the needs of the market for bio products. yaweco was founded in the spring of 2014 with the purpose of providing environmentally conscious consumers with a product range boasting eco-friendly materials and production means while simultaneously caring for the entire oral cavity. Initially, a 2-component toothbrush with an interchangeable brush head and bristles was launched. Step-by-step, further products were added as well as the relaunches of some products whose materials were switched to bio-based materials. Bamboo toothbrushes were added to the product range. We keep adding new products and innovations, especially packaging that is switched to cardboard.