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Nordics bamboo toothbrush

Interesting facts about the Nordics bamboo toothbrush

Try out the bamboo toothbrush from Nordics and you will find that its ergonomic shape fits well into your hand and discover how softly and well it cleans thanks to the sharpened bristles and the small brush head.

It is made of Moso bamboo, which is not a food source for pandas. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants, which is why it cannot be completely exhausted. In addition, apart from the bristles, the brush is completely biodegradable.

Using carbonisation and a thermal treatment, the toothbrush handle is made water-resistant and kept germ-free. This prevents the swelling of the fibres when they come into contact with water.

The bristles consist of recycled nylon, which decomposes 20 times faster than conventional plastic. The sharpened bristles are good for sensitive gums.

The black bristles contain activated carbon, which has been used in Asia for the whitening of teeth for a long time. The activated carbon does not pose any health risks.

The Nordics wooden toothbrush is available for adults and children. The relatively small brush head of the model for adults is well-suited for young and old and for reaching the back molars.

The wooden toothbrush comes in a plastic-free packaging.